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Kichlikai, with its distinctive bitter flavour, marinated in salt till it reaches a honeyed consistency, and then combined with traditional spices. If you haven't tried this citrus pickle, give it a shot!


  • Made with gingelly oil
  • Handmade in small batches
  • No chemical preservatives or added colour
  • Naturally fermented


This is a traditional recipe from Tamil Nadu.


The wild lemon is cut and left to rest with salt, to the point where the skin softens to the perfect consistency.  It is then mixed with traditional spices.  This pickle is not cooked at any stage, making it an absolute winner for your gut.  


Ingredients - Kichlikai (wild lemon), Gingelly oil, Salt, Red chillies, Jaggery, Mustard, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Asafoetida


Keep refrigerated. Always use a dry spoon. Consume within 12 months from date of manufacture.

Kichlikai (wild lemon) pickle



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