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Shipping & delivery policy

Where do we ship?

We ship pan India and use speed post for all our deliveries.  

How long does shipping take?


Orders in Chennai & Pondicherry are usually delivered within 2 working days from the date of dispatch.  Orders to other places are usually delivered within 3 - 5 days from the date of dispatch.  Delivery of all orders will be duly done to the shipping address as mentioned by you at the time of placing the order. 

What you should do if you receive the product in a damaged condition?

Please call our customer care on 97409 03790 or email us at  Please do share photos of the condition in which you receive the product in.  

How green is our shipping process?

We courier our pickles and jams in plastic bottles with a screw type lid - these are good quality bottles which you can reuse & we encourage you to do so.


We did try couriering our glass bottles, but had a high breakage rate. For those of you who still want our glass bottles, please whatsapp us on 97409 03790 and we could discuss the feasibility depending on where you are.


Our labels are good old fashioned paper, so you may see some marks on them, though we do try to be careful. PVC / Vinyl stickers have plastic in them which result in microplastics, especially when you try and get the sticker off to reuse the bottle. We believe that the benefits of not using anything that could result in microplastics is worth the 'less smart' look of the label, and we are sure you would agree with us!


We use paper bubble wrap / reused plastic bubble wrap for wrapping, and paper / cardboard for packing & stuffing. BOPP tape and cello tape are the two things we have yet to find an alternative for.

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