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Param Natarajan

As a child, Param lived in an old bungalow in a sleepy Anglo Indian settlement near Bangalore. He grew up cycling around the farms close by, plucking grapes and getting up to all sorts of mischief with his older sisters.  The kids of the only doctors in the area

As a child, Ayesha's family moved around a fair bit but the one constant in her life was going to her granddad's estate every summer with her twin brother, older sister and cousins. Ayesha was a quiet child with her  head perpetually in Enid Blyton books 

Ayesha profile.jpg

Ayesha Chandy

Remember the Aesop's tale, The ant & the grasshopper?  Watch on to know why we named ourselves after the lazy grasshopper instead of the hardworking ant!  And no, it's not because we do not work hard :)

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