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Param Natarajan

As a child, Param lived in a colonial bungalow in an Anglo Indian settlement near Bangalore. He grew up exploring the farms close by, plucking grapes and fruit and getting up to all sorts of mischief with his older sisters.  The kids of the only doctors in the area, everyone in the neighbourhood looked out for them.

His family moved to Chennai when he was eight years old. A precocious child, he rebelled against formal schooling and moved to KFI, a school run on the philosophy of J Krishnamurthi. There, he found himself, excelling at English, art, gardening, carpentry and music.


An inveterate polymath, he graduated with a  degree in Visual Communication and worked as a professional product and people photographer for a few years. He then moved to other cities in India, working for the next 10 years in automobile journalism and photography and then going on to handle corporate and internal communications for multinational companies. He then set up 25 Mulberry, a  woodworking studio in Bangalore, where he rekindled his love for fine carpentry and design, which kept him busy for the next 10 years.


Having moved back to Chennai, he went back to his alma mater and handled the new campus for a while. All while planning for the next dream of setting up the farm.

In the last one year, he has worked on fixing a broken well, planting heirloom paddy and greening up the land, while pulling together fencing, water and electrical supply and distribution, along with basic permaculture and surface water management. He has also designed and built our eco-friendly farmhouse and production centre, and a few quiet and private, standalone rooms for you to experience the simple warmth of our farmstay hospitality. There are plenty of projects planned for the farm, while  Param has also undertaken to oversee the construction of a fellow organic farmer's new home, after having designed it for him. 

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