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Parameswaran Natarajan & Ayesha Chandy

We're the lazy grasshoppers at the farm, often joined by the little grasshopper!

Decades in the hustle and bustle of city life.  Rushing places, hustling to get ahead.  Hours, days, years confined by walls.

Crowds of people.  Unimaginable traffic. Cacaphony while commuting and otherwise.  Road rage.  Close proximity rage.  Monday morning blues. Rising cost of living.

And one day, during the Covid pandemic, we said enough is enough.   And made a lifestyle choice, knowing that we would have to work hard to bring in money and sustain ourselves for the rest of our lives. 


And that's how The Lazy Grasshopper Farm was born! 

And you're right, we did say work hard and lazy in two consecutive paragraphs ..... there's some thought behind our name,   watch this space for more!

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